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Riverview, MI | Landscaping & Outdoor Living
Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services in Riverview, MI

The professionals who give your plants & yard a new lease on life

At McGregor’s Landscape, we believe every yard should have its moment to shine. Whether you live in a gated community or a fixer-upper, the vibe your landscaping offers to neighbors and passersby represents who you are. McGregor’s softscaping services deliver a delicate balance between your hardscape structures and the natural elements. From planting and sodding to lawn mowing and lighting installation, we truly provide it all.

Each of our landscaping services elevates the growing components of your landscape—flowers, trees, and greenery. From pruning and weeding your plants for optimal growth to lighting up your walkway at night, the McGregor’s Landscape team understands how to construct a well-designed and natural landscape. Experience all we have to offer with our free estimates to create the garden and yard you’ve been dreaming of.

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Let’s Create a Space You’ll Love, Together

If your yard is ready for a makeover, the McGregor’s Landscape team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

We Don’t Just Offer Assistance, We Offer Solutions

Your yard is incomplete without stunning greenery for that pop of personality. At McGregor’s Landscape, we not only perform softscape services, but we also provide the means to make your yard an eye-catching moment. Offering mulch, stone, shrubs, trees, and various other flowers, we let you take control and customize the foliage planted in your yard. Choose from various mulch and stone colors to accent newly installed trees and shrubs, completing the space from top to bottom.

Our Services

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Labor & Disposal Rates

3 Crew Member Landscaping | with truck and handheld equipment...$225.00/hr
2-3 Crew Member Pruning & Weeding | Includes clean-up...$175.00/hr
Disposal Brush | Per 7-yard load of plant material...$75.00
Disposal Soils | Per 5-yard load...$75.00
Disposal Concrete | Per 5-yard load...$150.00

*Prices are subject to change.

Our Clients Love Our Work

Quality Plants Combined with Quality Service at McGregor’s Landscape

Spruce up your yard with landscaping services from McGregor’s Landscape. For eye-popping perennials, charming garden paths, or just some greener grass, McGregor’s has you covered! Contact us today to get started.

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