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Riverview, MI | Landscaping & Outdoor Living
Laying the Groundwork

Planting, Weeding, Fertilizing & More in Riverview, MI

McGregor’s starts at the root of the problem & provides flourishing solutions

Weeds are inevitable and, quite frankly, a pain for everyone to deal with. They sprout up at the most inconvenient times, take hours to eliminate, and always seem to find a garden to grow in. Thankfully, McGregor’s Landscape has a solution. Our planting, weeding, fertilizing, and pruning services provide our customers with preventative care to not only deter weeds, but maintain a clean and beautiful landscape.

At McGregor’s Landscape, we offer our customers a variety of fertilizers for adding lawn nutrients, mitigating insects, and decreasing the weed population in your garden. We take things a step further with our weeding and pruning services, where we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Our monthly and quarterly weeding service includes hand pulling weeds, fertilization, and chemical weed control placement. To keep your plants alive and well, our professionals will trim back overgrown bushes, remove dying flower buds, and improve the overall aesthetic of your yard.

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No Need to Get Your Hands Dirty, We’ll Do it For You

Plant vibrant flowers, keep the grass lush and green, and eliminate overgrowth with McGregor’s Landscape. Contact us today to get started.

Believe in Our Planting Abilities

Add beauty to your landscape with a variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers available at McGregor’s Landscape. Enjoy beautiful colors all year round, shade your home and garden from the summer sun, and embrace all that nature has to offer. With our planting services, you can customize your lawn and garden to be as vibrant and green as ever. All while relying on McGregor’s to assist in the maintenance and care throughout the year. To gain a better understanding of how each plant will appear in your yard, visit our Riverview location to view our selection in person.


Create clean and crisp lines that define your garden and yard from walkways and driveways with our edging services. Take a look at your options.

  • Plastic Edging – $100.00 per 20’
  • Aluminum Edging – $125.00 per 16’
  • Rustic Edging – $15.00 per foot
  • Landscape Fabric – $0.35 per square foot

*Prices are subject to change.

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We’re the Southeast MI Planting Experts

Quality Products

You’ll find nothing but the best flowers, trees, shrubs, and more when you visit McGregor’s Landscape.

Punctual Professionals

Our team arrives on time, prepared to eliminate unwanted weeds and transform your plants into works of art.

Customer Satisfaction

With our free estimates, McGregor’s strives to exceed customer expectations.

Proud Partners

At McGregor’s, we team up with local businesses that can assist in elevating your yard care needs.

Our Customers Love Our Work

Bring Your Garden Back to Life with McGregor’s Landscape

Pristine garden conditions with McGregor’s Landscape. From meticulous weeding and pruning to stunning perennial options, McGregor’s has it all. Contact us today to breathe life back into your yard.

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