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Bring the Vacation
to Your Backyard

Tiki Bar & Palm Tree Installation in Riverview, MI

Make vacation-style memories from the comfort of your backyard.

We’ve got great news! You no longer have to book a flight, spend copious amounts of money, or take time off work for a tropical vacation. Instead, bring the getaway vibes right to your backyard with a tiki bar and palm tree installation from McGregor’s Landscape. Yes, that’s correct, we can create a tropical getaway just a few steps away from your back door. Sit upon a bar stool, shade yourself from the sun under the palm thatch roofing, and embrace your new relaxing lifestyle.

At McGregor’s Landscape, we understand how strenuous the Michigan winters can be and how short our summer months truly are. Make the most of your summer by installing a fun and entertaining tiki bar for friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy. Ideal for those with a backyard pool, you can create the ultimate oasis—you’re just missing the coconuts and cocktails. All available tiki bars are made of wood to withstand the unpredictable Michigan weather and are the perfect outdoor entertainment center for your next luau.

a group of palm trees in front of a building

Experience Vacation Excitement Every Day

Activate vacation mode, lose track of time, and enjoy your backyard once again.

Host Your Next Tropical Party in Your Backyard

The backyard vacation getaway isn’t complete without the staple of all tropical destinations—palm trees. Unfortunately, Michigan weather doesn’t permit palm trees to grow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the euphoria of seeing palms right out your window. McGregor’s Landscape offers top-of-the-line artificial palm tree installation to bring a little slice of paradise to your yard. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, our professionals will install each tree with precision—fooling your neighbors and bringing a smile to your face each time you walk outside.

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Transform Your Tropical Getaway

Easy Installation

Choose your favorite tiki bar and palm trees to transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Punctual Professionals

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. We will arrive on time for installation day, ready to tackle your tiki bar construction.

Customer Satisfaction

The McGregor’s professionals strive to bring landscape dreams to life & now that’s possible with our free estimates.

Community Activists

We believe in our community and local businesses, which is why we continue to stay involved in as many service projects as possible.

Paradise Found

McGregor’s Strives For Perfection & Unique Landscape Designs

Your yard doesn’t have to look like all the rest. Instead, let McGregor’s Landscape install a tiki bar for outdoor luaus and palm trees to boost your serotonin. Get creative and consult with the best landscapers in the business today.

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