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Move Water to a More
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Drainage Systems in Riverview, MI

Protect your yard from standing water with proper drainage installation.

As a homeowner, large water blockages can wreak havoc on your property. McGregor’s Landscape knows all too well about water pooling in areas unwelcome, which is why we provide drainage system installations—keeping you and your yard dry.

With our pop-up and yard drain options, we can ensure erosion is controlled, your soil is aerated properly, and plants are receiving enough nutrients. When standing water exists on your property for too long, it causes damaging effects to all not only your landscaping but also your home’s foundation. This unsightly watery grave can quickly drown plants, stop grass from growing, and be a dangerously slippery surface. Thankfully, with McGregor’s Landscape water drainage solutions, you can experience a dry yard and blooming flowers for all seasons.

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McGregor’s Landscape is Here to Help

If you’ve experienced an overabundance of water pooling in your yard, it could be due to improper drainage. Contact McGregor’s Landscape today to install a drainage solution.

Save Your Yard from Flooding with McGregor’s Drainage Solutions

The professionals at McGregor’s Landscape offer pop-up drains and yard drains to solve your wet and soggy problems. Our pop-up drains attach to the end of your gutter system, emitting water to a safer and more stable location. Yard drains, on the other hand, are perforated pipes installed in low areas of your yard to collect water. We’ll attach the pop-up drain to the end to ensure the water captured is released at the edge of your yard rather than in the middle of it. Our landscape experts will discuss the best solution for your yard, keeping your grass and garden from drowning in runoff.

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We’re the Answer to Your Puddle Problems

Quality Products

At McGregor’s Landscape, you can’t remove standing water without the proper tools, which is why we offer the latest and greatest drainage solutions for your yard.

Punctual Professionals

Our team understands the importance of leaving your yard intact and supplying you with the best possible water drainage options

Customer Satisfaction

Offering free estimates, McGregor’s Landscape believes everyone should have a stunning landscape.

Community Activists

We support the local community by sponsoring events, educating neighbors on proper landscape care, and so much more.

Our Customers Know Us Best

Remove Standing Water with Drainage Installation
from McGregor’s Landscape

Don’t let standing water be the reason your landscaping doesn’t stand out in the neighborhood. The professionals at McGregor’s Landscape are here to solve all your drainage problems. Contact us today to learn more.

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