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Natural-Looking Artificial Grass

Synthetic Turf in Riverview, MI

Say goodbye to the lawnmower and hello to healthy, pet-friendly grass

There’s nothing like the look of a fresh-cut, vibrantly green lawn. But for every square yard of grass, there are hours of unseen effort. Mowing, seeding, weeding, watering—the list could go on forever. And while everyone appreciates a lush lawn, not everyone has the time or the desire to maintain one. Thankfully, a time-tested alternative has been hiding in plain sight on your TV screen and in your nearest stadium. Synthetic turf isn’t just for pro athletes anymore—it’s for your home or business, too.

At McGregor’s Landscape, we know the rigors of maintaining grass intimately. That’s why we understand entirely when homeowners, veterinarians, and the eco-conscious of all stripes decide to pull the plug on their standard landscape and flip the script instead. Today’s synthetic turf is exceedingly pet-friendly and ideal for backyards and dog parks alike. Around a pool, synthetic turf never suffers from chlorine and pays you back with time spent splashing rather than months spent mowing. As a perfect putting green, a hotel courtyard, or a maintenance-free play space, synthetic turf saves the world water and you work. Are you ready to ditch the weekend ritual and embrace the blades that never fade? McGregor’s can help!

a large brick building with green grass

Replace Some or All of Your Landscape with Synthetic Turf!

Mix your organic landscape with synthetic turf or install it wherever you need it most.

Synthetic Turf Benefits Everyone

Open green lawns have been a part of our neighborhoods and public spaces for as long as we can remember. But all that living grass takes a toll on our natural resources and limited time. Synthetic turf comes with a limited lifetime warranty and requires no water whatsoever. Synthetic turf also spares us the emissions required for regular lawn care. As a living wall, green roof, dog park, playground, or field of play, synthetic turf provides all the familiar comforts of an open lawn without the constant reinvestment of resources, time, and money. What can artificial turf do for you? Contact McGregor’s Landscape today and find out.

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Our Synthetic Turf Price List

Pet Turf

Face Weight: 58 oz.
Pile Height: 1”
Color: Meadow/Lime Green
Cross-Section: Legend
Use: Pet, Fringe, Landscape
Price: $4.50 per sq.ft.

Real Turf Feel

Face Weight: 100 oz.
Pile Height: 2”
Color: Field/Apple Green
Cross-Section: Omega/”S”
Use: High Traffic Areas
Price: $4.50 per sq.ft.

Turf Labor

Includes: digging base, installing gravel base, laying carpet, pinning carpet, and top dressing turf.
Price: $20.00 per sq.ft.

*Prices are subject to change.

Green Lawns All Year Long

Go Green in More Ways than One with Synthetic Turf from McGregor’s!

Grass doesn’t have to be real to excite and delight homeowners and business owners of all kinds. If you’re looking to save time and money, or if you’d prefer an environmentally friendly landscape, synthetic turf may be just what you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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